Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Little Collage with Frida and Diego

This is a piece of Mail Art that I sent to Portugal for a Mail Art exhibit called "desAMORes." I found out about the exhibit yesterday, and I hope this will travel through the mail and get to Porto, Portugal before the deadline. It is a collage on 8 1/2 X 11 card stock with a geometric design printed on it and colored with red watercolor marker. The page is folded in half to make it envelope size. Well, it is in the hands of the postal workers now, so we shall see if it makes it through the machinery.I joined a Mail Art club on line Mailart 365. The idea is to make and send 365 decorated letters or post cards in 365 days. I started on January first, and this is number 43. I am one day ahead.

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