Sunday, November 16, 2008

WELL, I haven't posted in two months. I knew this would happen when I have so many time drains with work, church, and professional organizations pulling me in ten directions.

Last week my family went to California for family visits. On Wednesday my three daughters and I left after work and drove down to Mesquite, Nevada. Thursday morning we drove to San Diego to visit my father at his assisted living center and get some legal papers signed. My wife arrived in S.D. by train on Wednesday night from Fresno where she was spending a week with her mother. My son, daughter-in-law, and grandson flew into San Diego Thursday afternoon. We had a picnic in Balboa Park, and that evening my sister provided us with a wonderful meal. We were only there for one day.

On Friday the eight of us went to Disneyland, and stayed over night at the old homestead, my father's house in Huntington Beach. Saturday we drove up to Clovis, CA, and that night my other son and daughter-in-law flew into Fresno. We spent Sunday with my mother-in-law and celebrated her 90th birthday at her assisted living center. On Monday all ten of us drove home to Salt Lake Valley.