Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The End of October

Well, it has been a long time since I blogged here. I have just ended my 69th year (Oct 22) and quietly slipped into my 70th year. I don't feel old, so I must not be. I retired in June and have been trying to figure out why I get less done now than when I was working. They (who ever they are) say that "work expands to meet the time allowed." It is nice to be able to work in the garden during the day and not late afternoon after work.
My wife and I went to Alaska in late August for a train and cruise vacation. It was our retirement celebration, and we had a stupendous time. We started in Fairbanks and ended in Victoria, Vancouver, Canada.
I have been blogging at Mailart 365 from January 1st until now, posting images of my mail art. The goal has been to create 365 pieces of mail art, envelopes and postcards, in 365 days. I did very well during the first half of the year, but I have fallen behind since August. I have only finished 230 pieces of mail art. I have 66 days left to complete 135 envelopes. That is only two or so a day, but I will be in Israel for twelve days starting the day after Thanksgiving. So that only leaves me 54 days.
I have also tried to do a few artist trading cards to send off to people who have sent me some, in decorated envelopes of course. Here are three of a set of four ATCs that I made this week. I titled the set: Music of the Spheres. (The 4th card was sent to a trader in New York before I scanned the set.)