Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getting "Hacked" Is a Heart Wrenching Experience

Well, it has happened, through my negligent stupidity, my long time email account is corrupted and lost to me forever. Last Friday my account was hacked and hijacked. The password and security answers were changed within minutes, and scam/spam was hitting the in-boxes of my friends and relatives. I quickly received a phone call from a friend telling me I had been hacked. These scumbags who steal accounts and corrupt the Internet with spam and scams are certainly thorough in their practice of evil.

I contacted MSN immediately and tried to reclaim my account, but the MSN account retrieval site is useless. No, it is worthless! One must have a photographic memory to supply the information required by the site. Even so, I did give more than sufficient information, email addresses and subject headings to prove that I am the true owner of the account. Not once, but three frustrating times. In fact, I gave an email address and subject line that I had used less than an hour before I was hacked. I don't think the person or machine monitoring the reclamation site could identify an elephant in a police lineup of cats.

I asked, nay, begged them to shut down the account if they were not going to restore it to me, but it is still up and spamming and scamming all my friends. So if you receive a message saying I am in London, don't believe it. I am not there and never have been there. I don't have a cousin there who needs an operation. And while I could use 2700 dollars, don't send any money to the scammer because I will not reimburse you and neither will the scumbag scammer who is pretending to be me. Beware and be smart.

On Tuesday, MSN sent an email to my alternate email address with a survey about their account retrieval site. I am sure that they were looking for a bucket load of praise and satisfaction. They didn't get it from me. I told them exactly how angry and frustrated I am with their worthless site, without profanity or vulgarity, but in no uncertain terms. I also told them a couple of things they could do to actually help victims of these scumbags. They haven't responded. I assume they are ignoring me again as they did all weekend when I needed help.

Be aware and be safe. It can happen to anyone, and there is no help for you when it does.