Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Today was a furlough day for the employees of the Canyons School District. My wife, Chris, who teaches in the Jordan District had to go to work today while I stayed home. I spent the morning baking six dozen sugar cookies. There was not enough powdered sugar for frosting so I went to the store. I also needed food coloring, but, alas, there was no food coloring at the store to which I took my "green" shopping bag. There was a tiny bit of coloring in the drawer at home, so I was able to make a little red frosting, and when I ran out of frosting, I mixed more powdered sugar into the bowl and created some pale pink. I then spent time taking cookies to my neighbors.

The rest of the day I cleaned house, read ten more chapters in Behemoth, my new favorite steam punk series, and cooked dinner for my lovely valentine. I had planned to take her out to dinner, but she said "no." Why? She still has tons, and I mean tons, of paper work to finish to prepare for report cards, parent conferences, and oh yes, she up for her three year teaching evaluation review this week.

Happy Valentines Day!

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rebekah said...

the cookies not only look good, they tasted good, too!

thanks for the valentine's card, dad