Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sing Me an Old, Sad Song

While re-shelving the two hundred books I pulled from the stacks last week for a special seventh grade reading assignment, I have been listening to Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Peter, Paul and Mary, Emmylou Harris, and a few others. It has been a bit of time since I listened to a lot of these songs, but I didn't remember these old folk songs being so sad. Even the songs with up beat lyrics sound like they are written in a minor key. Perhaps it is only that I am getting old, and these songs simply sound sad because of the memories they pull into my head of people who are no more and places that are no longer the same. If I listen to these good old songs too much, I will have a great, black cloud of depression floating over me, and it is too beautiful a day to have that. So, I had better put on some Bach and cheer up.

P.S. Bob Dylan wrote some great songs, but he sure couldn't sing them. Thank goodness, other people can.

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