Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I joined two more mail art groups this month along with Mailart 365,which I joined at the end of last year. They are keeping me busy making and decorating envelopes. I have made 82 envelopes as part of Mailart 365 since January 1st. The goal is to have made/created 365 pieces of mail art (envelopes or postcards) within a one year (365 day) period regardless of what date you begin. I chose the 1st of January so I could keep track. Otherwise, I would never know if I were ahead, behind or on track. I am a little ahead right now, so I will have plenty of items to mail out with my two new groups, Mail Me Some Art and The International Union of Mail Artists. I don't know if I could be considered an "artist," but I do make mail art, and some pieces are, in my totally unbiased opinion, rather good.

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