Thursday, February 17, 2011

Artists' Books, part 4

Gelatin print on tissue paper.
 Tonight we had four printing and paper decoration demonstrations and an hour or so to practice the techniques. It was fun doing gelatin prints and proof press printing again. We also melted bees' wax on pages for an interesting paper effect. The pages are translucent and smell like honey. Now I must create an origami folded book from one of the printed papers. Next week we have two days of book artist reports. As I have looked at several of the artists on the list we were given, I have been amazed that most of the early book artists were part of the avant guard art movements of the '50s, '60s, and early '70s. It is interesting that they were all drawn to the book form as a medium of artistic expression.

When I left the university campus and turned east on Sunnyside Drive, the full moon was just cresting the mountains. It was a gorgeous sight and a bit of a distraction trying to drive without gazing at the moon.

Gelatin print on opaque paper.

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rebekah said...

these look neat. I'll have to see them next time I come by.